Well awhile back I decided I need to get some exercise and thought Mountain Biking would be fun and low impact. Well the first time I impacted the ground it didn't fell very "low impact" but still very fun.

Caring a bit over 200lbs I needed something that would hold up to all I could toss at it. I looked at some full squish bikes and for the strength I wanted the price was just way too high. I started looking at hard tail, so called AM (All Mountain) bikes, like the Spec. P2 All Mountain, the Gary Fisher Mullet, Kona Hoss and the Haro Escape etc. etc. Even a few bike from internet vendors like IBEX and Iron Horse, but decided I wanted the support of a local bike store for my first "real" mountain bike.
I ended up getting the Haro Escape Comp because it seemed to have the best components for the price. Plus it was plenty beefy and I've always been a HARO fan.

I have been very happy with this bike. Ive owned it for just over 5 months and it has taken all I have thrown at it. The only thing that has broken was the u-turn adjustment knob on the Tora fork.

Here she is the day I got her after my first ride. The refelctors had not even snapped off yet!

Avid Juicy 3s with 185mm rotors provide the stopping power and have been great. The RockShox TORA front fork has been great and seems to be very strong. I upgraded to the xtra firm spring for >180lbs people.

The Deore XT rear der. is wonderfull.

It sure is fun and I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life.