Monsoon MUD!!!  

When the Monsoons come to Arizona, at least our part of Arizona, you just can not get away from the MUD!!!

Sorry about the noise...some of us were working! :)~


The trail...

The View...

The crew...

The Result...

July 4th BBQ!!!  

Up Early to get the food brisket, 2 pork butts and 4 racks of beef ribs all need to be cooked. Thats A.M.!

Fired up the UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker)...I think its more of a cooker than a smoker but if you were to search UDC on the web you would not find much. Search for UDS and the world is yours. LOL

Here it is cooking away later that morning...about 6 or 7 am if i remember correctly. Running at 240-250 degrees for a nice low and slow cook.

We also fired about the off set Hondo about 10 am to do the beef ribs. They take much less time than the brisket and butts. 5-6 hours as compared to 12-16.

When all was said and done we had some very good food!

Hog Apple Beans that were a MAJOR hit!!

The pulled pork.

Our first brisket. We did the entire packer. Here is the flat ready to go. Looks like someone can't wait.

The point made into burnt ends.

The beef ribs turned out very good! Al thought they were great and since he bought them thats all that matters! :)

After we ate we sat around and played games until the fireworks pics of the fire works, by that time I was way tired and forgot. :(

It was a good 4th with food, family and friends.