Having 3 girls and 0 boys there tends to be alot of pinks, greens, and purples around our house, as can be seen here in the girls christmas haul. Santa did pretty well this year but one year I wish he would bring a GI Joe or something...:)


Polar Express train ride in Williams Arizona.

The girls playing in the snow waiting for the train.

While traveling to the North Pole you hear the story of the Polar Express...

...drink hot chocolate... cookies...

...and wait for Santa to see if you can hear the bells!


On the 15th my brother-in-law Jason got married to Laura. They had a wonderful wedding and a fun reception. The whole family spent the two months prior to the wedding preparing for the big day and everything went very well.

Playing around at the reception. :)

They spent their honeymoon night at the Hotel Saint Michaels on Whiskey Row in Prescott. Here they are standing out front, Jason is about to carry her inside.


We have been having some good wet weather in these parts, and like most of the south west united states we can sure use it. Arizona snow! Ain't it pretty?

It won't last very long, but it sure is nice while its here.

DEC 7th 1941  

Lets not forget what, why and who we are as a nation!