Back in the saddle!  

Over easter Brett and I headed out to Granite Basin to do a little mountain biking. I had not been out much this winter and I was really itching to get some riding in. Brett had not been on a bike in awhile either so we decided to head out and tackle one of my favorite short little loops from the cattle guard down to the lake and back.

Brett's got his game face on.

Taken at the lake. The lake is so full from all the rain and snow this winter that it was running over the dam.

Heading back the way we came.

The smile on his face says it all. No we did not clean every techy part of it nor did we do it in record time but we sure had fun and to me that's mountain biking at its purist.

Easter Visit...  

Easter came early this year, but that really didn't matter. There were still eggs to color, pretty dresses to wear and bunnies to wait for. My folks and Brett and Shannan came up for the weekend to hang out and spend some time together. This was Brennans first trip to Arizona but I'm sure it wont be her last.

Coloring eggs is fun, but can be a little messy!

I found a new favorite ice cream...its called Take The Cake, man is it good.

Us guys had to get all manly and split a little wood. This pile took us about and hour to split. OK we used a hydraulic wood splitter but it was still manly work.


If you don't already know, I love BBQ. I like grilling and cooking over an open flame. I really like cooking in a dutch oven...but I love a good BBQ. There is nothing like a truly slow cooked piece of meat (pork or beef) covered in BBQ sauce to get the old juices flowing. So on our latest trip out to San Diego my folks took us to a new BBQ place they had discovered.

KB's BBQ is in Santee California and offers some of the best BBQ I've had in awhile. Memphis style Q that is not too smokie and fall off the bone tender. The pulled pork appears to be made without a dry rub but their BBQ sauce is very good. The BBQ feast that they say will feed 2 hungry people will feed at least 4 very hungry people so keep that in mind. If you've got a hankerin for some really good "Q" stop by and see Etta and Calvin at KB's BBQ in the Santee Library Shopping Center. ( 9335 Carlton Hills Blvd) You will not be disappointed.