Quartzsite Camping.  

Camping is always fun and living in Arizona there is plenty of area to explore. This last weekend we headed out to QUARTZSITE to do some camping, exporing and motofun with Krissys side of the family, some old friends from Cali and some new friends from Prescott!

I have always loved the desert, some people think of it as ugly but I feel that some of the most beautiful places on earth are located in the worlds deserts.

She was so sad when it was time to go home, she just loves camping. Audrey is still a little small to ride alone but...

Here she is running the throttle and "some" of the steering with her uncle Jason.

Samantha was a speed demon, I guess its in her blood.

Here she is having her uncle Brian turn the throttle control up for more speed.

Here is Elizabeth taking a turn...she spent more time on the Honda 90 because she looks a wee bit too big for the one she is on here.

Samantha, Krissy, Kathleen and Victoria.

Our camp, lots of room for the kids to ride with realy nothing to get in the way.

Plenty of sand to play in.

The old mine was fun for exploring. There was an old shaft that looked to be very deep. No one had the guts to climb down as the ladder looked way too sketchy.

Audrey with a cactus outside of the building at the old mine.

Everyone had a great time...

Even my parents showed up, but they seemed a little out of focus the entire time. :) Actually between the setting sun, the camera flash and my inability to take a decent picture, this is all I got. Mom, Dad and Audrey fresh from a trip exploring the mine and gathering quartz. I swear it is them, really, I'm not kidding.

A group heading to the mine...I think its Chris (friend from Prescott) Victoria, Elijah, Laura, Samantha and I.

Look a JACKALOPE !!!

I am going to upload the rest of the photos and give a link here...so look back later!