I admit it...my girls are hams! Nothing at all to say about this post except that. Enjoy the pics. They make US laugh, hope they do the same for you! :)))))

Elizabeth goes to COURT!  


Every year the city of Prescott puts on a Christmas and Lighting
program at the courthouse. Someone reads the
"traditional Christmas story" of Jesus's birth.
This year Elizabeth, along with her class, sang at the lighting...

Here are the girls getting ready to head on down the hill to the courthouse.
You can see it in the background.

Papa Al(Krissy's dad from Paulden) and Uncle Bryan
(bryan and debbie were vistiting from San Diego)
waiting for the program to get started.

The girls with Aunt Debbie, all bundled up...even though
it was pretty warm that night. We overdressed, better safe than sorry :)

Auddie with her daddy.

As the lights came on...


Every year the Prescott Resort here in Prescott, AZ does a gingerbread village.
Money raised goes to Boys and Girls Club. So it is a good cause...and we (from
the xray department at the hospital) join in the competition.
It is a ton of fun & lots of work.

Click here

This is just a few of us who worked on the project!
back:Carla, Amanda, Nicole, Krissy

front: Christy, Kathi

"Santa Sleigh parking only"

Santa in the Cat-scan is my favorite. You will notice that
he dropped his bag of toys next to the table.

Here is the Heli-pad for the helicopter and our "North Pole". Our hospital
has an East and West campus, but now we have added the North Campus.

Thanksgiving 08  

Quick and dirty run down on Thanksgiving, well I should say the day after thanksgiving. Thanksgiving day we had dinner with Krissys side of the family out in Dewey, I know I took some pics so as soon as I find them I will add them but after dinner that night we headed to San Diego for the rest of the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving with my side of the family and Brian, Krissy little Bro.

This year was a year of firsts. Smoked ham on the WSM, Smoked turkey on the brand new ProQ!

We have never smoked a ham or a turkey so we decided to do both this year...no practice, no try outs...just jump right in, let it all hang out. Get the family together and try something new!

The ham we did was a precooked ham we simply heated up in the WSM. We placed it in a pan to keep the glaze from running off into the water pan and smoked over Kingsford hickory charcoal. After the ham reached about 140 internal I started opening the WSM and re-glazing the ham every 20-30 minutes. The glaze was something my mom put together so I am not sure what was in it but it was very good. The ham turned out AWESOME!! I have now used the hickory charcoal twice and can say I do like it...it has surprised me both times just how much good smoke flavor it imparts.

Now to the really important stuff...Turkey on the new Excel 20. At the Pulte event my dad picked up a ProQ Excel 20 for a very good price. He wanted something bigger than the WSM to cook the turkey on, the Excel 20 fits the bill and for the price, who can ask for anything more. We have cooked on the WSM enough times to know what to expect from this style of smoker but as with anything new you just can never really know for sure how well things are going to work....

Well as you can see here it works very well!

Smoked Ham, Smoked turkey, BIGEASY turkey

Love those fall colors!