True Holy Smoke!!  

I think this is one of things I like most about most good BBQ joints...just down to earth good people! Anyone up for a trip to texas??

Dutch oven camping.  

The girls were on vacation for the last few weeks so Krissy decided to do some camping. They camped Thurs-Tues with the night time temps dropping into the low 20s! I camped with them from Fri-Sun and then I went home because I had to work on Monday, but I will let Krissy tell you how/what they did. All I know is that when I was driving away Sunday night at 9pm the temp gauge in the van read 22 degrees. :(

Let me get back on track... I will let Krissy post later on the camping trip this post will be about the food we cooked in the dutch ovens. Along with BBQ I really enjoy dutch oven cooking. I guess if I had been born a few hundred years ago I might have turned out to be a "cooky" on the cattle drives running the chuck wagon. Who knows? :)

Mountain Man breakfast!


Me wondering why I did not get a final photo of the stew...

Pineapple upside down cake.

Cobbler...I use foil because I have seen the pie filling eat the seasoning off the pan or at least weaken it.



and gravy...

PIZZA in the Dutch Oven is awesome...almost like wood fired!!

We also heated up some Italian sandwiches but no pics...imagine hoggie roll sandwiches in the bottom of the DU!

OK OK Here are a few phots of the girls!

Desert Q.  

Woke up to this desert sunrise...

Getting ready...

If you look you can see me holding up the chimney starter, man was it windy.

Dorks are us!

If you're peeking it ain't cooking.

Some of the kids got in a few holes of golf before we ate!



It was a windy, windy day. I had MUCHO trouble keeping the temps where I wanted them. The wind was blowing so hard it was pushing the smoke down and out the intakes, not to mention the tents down!! I was duct taping holes, stacking wood for a wind break but it was all to no avail :( The brisket cooked very quickly but amazingly was pretty darn good, probably due to the Texas crutch (foil). The pork cooked faster than I would have liked and did not want to pull very well but it was still pretty good.

All in all not too bad for trying to cook out in the desert and dealing with more wind then I ever have before. It was a great learning experience. The pork shoulders we got were bone in and I think I like them better that way.