Desert Q.  

Woke up to this desert sunrise...

Getting ready...

If you look you can see me holding up the chimney starter, man was it windy.

Dorks are us!

If you're peeking it ain't cooking.

Some of the kids got in a few holes of golf before we ate!



It was a windy, windy day. I had MUCHO trouble keeping the temps where I wanted them. The wind was blowing so hard it was pushing the smoke down and out the intakes, not to mention the tents down!! I was duct taping holes, stacking wood for a wind break but it was all to no avail :( The brisket cooked very quickly but amazingly was pretty darn good, probably due to the Texas crutch (foil). The pork cooked faster than I would have liked and did not want to pull very well but it was still pretty good.

All in all not too bad for trying to cook out in the desert and dealing with more wind then I ever have before. It was a great learning experience. The pork shoulders we got were bone in and I think I like them better that way.

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