Deep fried turkey...Aint nothing better!

Now this is what you call a spread! We had one fried and one oven cooked turkey. Mashed potatoes, stuffing and all the fixings. The fried turkey was Cajun flavored. It was a big hit. The family got together at my folks house for Thanksgiving and we enjoyed each others company along with the food.


Elizabeth recently had the opportunity to sing in the the Third Annual Cantaremos Honor Choirs on November 17, 2007 at Gilbert High School in Gilbert AZ. She sent in a tape to try out and was accepted. She did great and had a good time. She spent the last few months leading up to the concert rehearsing with her choir teacher at school. Then on the 17th we drove down to Gilbert where she spent all that day rehearsing with the conductor and the other kids from around AZ. Were are very proud of Elizabeth and her hard work to be part of this choir.

After the concert we decided to spend the night in Gilbert. We ended up having lunch the next day at the Rain Forest Cafe. The girls thought it was great. The food was not very good IMHO but I guess that's OK. It's not famous for it food. Where else can you eat with a hugh Gorilla looking over your shoulder?

It was a great weekend and Elizabeth gained some great experiences!

Trains ROCK.  

Always have liked trains...must have gotten that from my dad. Here's one we saw just outside of Gila Bend AZ on our way home from a recent trip to San Diego.

Here is the reason behind the trip to San Diego. To see my sisters new baby.
Babies just look so cute in black and white.