Audrey the Poser..just having fun today!  

Sit 'N' Spin  

Just having some fun on the Sit 'N' Spin...faster...faster...faster!!

Run Sammie...Run!

Auddie having fun all by herself!

A blast from the past...  


During our trip to San Diego in July, we spent a few days in Santee at Ralph's parents house. Ralph got to play the car game on the really cool TV!

Here are the girls swimming with Aunt Shannen and "baby Brennen" (yeah..she really does exist you all...I just had to go to San Diego to take a picture of her myself- just playing Shannen!)

Ralph's parents were cleaning out the garage while we were out came Great Grandpa Ralph's old Oldsmobile 442, of course Ralph and Sammie had to move it out of the way!

We had lunch with Mikki, Frank and Lourdes Rose. The girls had a blast with Lourdes and Aunt Mikki too!


We are so lucky to live near THE big hole in the ground. As Audrey called it all day...The Granyon Canyon. The last time Ralph and I went to the Canyon I was pregos with Audrey. The last time the girls went to the Canyon they flew over it in a HELICOPTER with Grandpa and Grandma Ding! So this time was a little less exciting...but here are some pics to show our day.

We arrived first thing in the morning. Here are the girls posing for their first of many pictures. (they never got tired of posing either...go figure) We parked the van and rode the bus around the park for the day. A bus comes around to every stop about every 15 mins, it was great for getting around. We didn't have to fighting for parking and we didn't get lost.

Here is a great picture I took.

Here is an awesome picture that Ralph took of the birds.

Here we are at the "Rand Canyon"

The girls crashed on the ride home!


Don't worry I still have more back posting to do, I just thought I'd throw up some new stuff in between to keep things rolling!

YRMC Picnic...  

Each year YRMC has a company picnic. They always have music, games, food and fun. The girls really look forward to going and spending the day at the park.

They fly the helicopter in and the girls just love to crawl around inside of it.

Well all except Audrey who for some reason looks very grumpy in this picture. LOL

The park is a great place to just chill in the shade and enjoy the breeze.

The lake is always great for snapping a few photos of the girls and Kathleen.

Sammies Birthday!  

Sammies 6th birthday. Her desire this year was to go to the pool, so that is exactly what we did. About 2 years ago, Chino Valley opened a wonderful community pool that just happens to be right down the street from our house. So off we went...

Then it was back to the house for hot dogs, shrimp...

and ice cream PIE!!!

Then Eli took everyone for a few laps around the yard. That noise you hear are the CICADAS singing their song.

Then back inside for PRESENTS.

By this time everyone was tired and ready for bed.

The next day it was more birthday celebration at the park.

Some home made carrot cake...

and more presents.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times...they sure grow up fast!