We are so lucky to live near THE big hole in the ground. As Audrey called it all day...The Granyon Canyon. The last time Ralph and I went to the Canyon I was pregos with Audrey. The last time the girls went to the Canyon they flew over it in a HELICOPTER with Grandpa and Grandma Ding! So this time was a little less exciting...but here are some pics to show our day.

We arrived first thing in the morning. Here are the girls posing for their first of many pictures. (they never got tired of posing either...go figure) We parked the van and rode the bus around the park for the day. A bus comes around to every stop about every 15 mins, it was great for getting around. We didn't have to fighting for parking and we didn't get lost.

Here is a great picture I took.

Here is an awesome picture that Ralph took of the birds.

Here we are at the "Rand Canyon"

The girls crashed on the ride home!

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