October is the time for PUMPKINS!!!

Each year since moving to the high desert we have made the trip out to Youngs Farm for the annual PUMPKIN patch. Most of my family has made the trip from California to participate in the festivities with us. But as you may know Youngs Farm is no more so we had to change plans. Bates Nut Farm is a small farm in Vally Center CA. Growing up it was the PUMPKIN patch we went to each year. So with Youngs gone, we made the pilgrimage to Valley Center.

Audrey picking her pumpkin. My dad always had a rule..."You've got to carry your own PUMPKIN." He would buy us any PUMPKIN we wanted as long as we could haul it out. As we got older we got some pretty large pumpkins but we always carried them out. :)

Now that the Grand kids are around my dad bought this AWESOME wagon to haul everything. It usually only comes out for the annual family trip to the pumpkin patch. So it stays in really great shape. If the kids can at least lift the pumpkin into the cart they can have it. I guess the folks are getting soft. :)

Elizabeth, Audrey and Lourdes.

Pick the real belly! Lets hope it's not moms!

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