Sometimes I get the urge to do something, well out of the ordinary. There are lot of things I do that many people would find, well strange. Krissy hates it when I take the long convoluted way home. The girls think I'm crazy when I want to get up a 3 a.m. to head to San Diego. Everyone wonders what is up with me and my made up songs...anyway this post is about a quick trip to get some real smoked BBQ here in Arizona.

A short little ride through the desert that was beautiful and in full bloom.

As you can see the girls are all very excited!

Getting closer!!!Where the heck is Wikieup?

What the heck is that behind us???

We have arrived at Eat at Joe's BBQ!!!

We ordered our food, Krissy and I shared the Brethren Plate as did Mom, Eli and Sam. Aud got a brisket sandwich, Dad did also. He might have been better off with the pork sandwich as it tasted less smokie and he is not the biggest fan of smoky. He does get the "gamer" award for eating all of it, here he is adding a little sauce to his sandwich.

Our food.

It was very good, yes it was a 2 1/2 hour trip to get there, but isn't that what life is all about? Living the adventure, trying new things and having fun!!!

Eat At Joe's BBQ is on the 93 between Phoenix and Vegas. Stop in and say hi to Joe and Rose and sample some authentic "Q" in an very unusual place.
Eat At Joe's BBQ

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