The end of July...  

These next few posts are going to be back posts...Like I said before i have a lot of posting to do and so I am going to spread it out over the next few weeks to try and get some what caught up. Oh and yes there will be BBQ related posting and my first ever cook on a WSM !

At the end of July, as we often do, we headed to San Diego. Eli had been in San Diego for the last few weeks so it was time to pick her up and drop Sam off for her week of Grandma and Grandpa bonding time. Since we live so far away the girls really treasure the summers and the weeks they get to spend with their Grandparents.

Some may believe it takes a village to raise a child, well I've never really needed a village my family has always been there for us.

Anyway on to the pics!

This is how you travel, and yes even with the DVD, Nintendo and tons of books they still find time to get on each others nerves. :)

One of the things we like to do when we visit San Diego is to visit Grandmas classroom. The girls love to meet her students and get in on some reading time.

As a reward for the students in her class that have 100% homework for the entire year, Mom takes them up to Oakzanita for the day. The have breakfast in the lodge, participate in any activities the camp has planned for the day and SWIM!!

The girls all enjoyed the pool as well...

Everyone had lots and lots of fun!!

More to come...

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