We, as most of you reading this know, live in the northern part of Arizona just about a mile up so it goes without saying that it gets cold in the winter. As a matter of fact our low the last few days has been between 20-25 degrees in the morning, warming up to around 50 during the day.
I will not let this deter me from cooing up some pulled pork!

Ilene, Ray and Lisa were in town vising so we decided the pulled pork would be good!
Luckily it was not "that" cold the morning I decided to cook.

30 outside...63 in the kitchen.
I went out side and saw this...

I started the fire and went back in the house to get the meat out of the fridge.
One was a regular rub and one was DDogs apple rub.
"DDOG RUBS"is a local (Phoenix) guy who makes and sells many different meat/bbq rubs. He also frequents and supports the AZBARBEQUE board.

All done and ready to eat.
My rub...

DDogs Apple...

It was all delicious.

A couple of days later we made Carnitas Tacos by frying up some of the pulled pork until it becomes crispy.

The girls love it.
Eli was at her grandparents so she is not in this picture.

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