Hello everyone. Hope you are having a very happy Easter!
Sorry...no pics with this post. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy day.

We have been busy. We have TONS of pictures to upload.
So maybe this afternoon after our day calms down we will post some up.
We have had lots of stuff going on,
with lots of pictures to accompany these goings on. :)

Disneyland - Sammie's Christmas present

Disneyland AGAIN(for mommy and Audrey) for Audrey's bday
(thanks to Disney for the free ticket-and one left over ticket from
our Sammie Christmas trip:) cost us gas from San Diego
and $12 for parking and $1000 for food, okay that is a little
bit of a stretch, but not too far off. :)

We had a BBQ competition that Ralph entered yesterday in Phoenix.
Fun pics from that.And lots more fun stuff.