Audrey's Birthday April 2009  

Audrey turned 4 this year. And she got a special surprise thanks to
Disneyland's free admission on your birthday (and the fact that we
had 1 day left on the pass Ralph used when we went in March :)
lucky Audrey!!) She had NO clue we were going to Disneyland
that morning. We drove up and I kept telling her it was something
real special. That we were going to the happiest place on earth.
She of course didn't get it. We were walking in through the outer
gates when she stopped and yelled, "are we going to Disneyland?"
We only stayed a few hours because we had to drive home (8hour
drive) So we got there at 9 am and left at 4 pm. It was perfect. Even
though most of California was on spring break we got to do all the
things she wanted, with minimal waits.

They give you a name tag with Happy Birthday on it. She made it
through half the day with it until she was absolutely tired of everyone
making a spectacle of her! She wanted to crawl under my legs everytime
a cast member said anything to her.

"Come on mom, you can do it" says Audrey
Boy do I hate wiggly up high things!
"Don't shake it Auddie" say Krissy

One of her favorite rides, Thunder Mountain.
Notice, the birthday badge is gone.

Her all time favorite roller coaster, in the dark, Space Mountain

Boy I will tell you, when the parade for all the people with birthdays came along...she
wanted that badge back because, "they need to know it is my birthday" :)
She is waving to Winnie the Pooh here.

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