March 2009

This is Sammie's trip to Disneyland. She asked everyone

for money or gift cards for Disney for Christmas. We had to
wait to go because...
she has perfect attendance at school.
We waited until spring break to go. Luckily our
spring break was about 3 weeks earlier than most people
and it was not very crowded at the park for our trip.
SO, the plan was Sam and I were to go on Tuesday
to the park by ourselves. Wednesday Ralph, Elizabeth, Audrey,
Ralph's mom, Cindy, and his sister Ilene were to join us
for a day. Then Sam and I were staying for one more
day by ourselves. Well the plans changed and Audrey
and Aunt Ilene stayed with us. We had a lot of fun.
It was better for Sammie, because there are some
rides that I just can't do. So Ilene was there to do
all the yucky rides!! Enjoy our pics.

Here she is with her stash of snacks for the trip.

With Sammie it is all about the FOOD. :)
We tried a mediterranean restaurant. She like the
hummus, but some of their stuff wasn't the best...
so we will try again at a restaurant we know is good.
I love that she is willing to
try new stuff!!

In the morning before everyone joined us, Sam was snapping
pictures of us getting ready.

Here is Sam standing between the two parks. This was right
as the park was opening. So you can see there
were very few people.

We always go past all the rides and start at the middle or back of the
park and work our way forward. And it paid off. This is Sam on Pirates
of the Caribbean and we are the only ones on our boat.

Castle picture

We got a little wet on the rapids ride.

Here is Sammie laughing at me because we are up
really high and I DON"T LIKE IT!!!


She was not tall enough a few years ago when we went.
But she was thrilled to go on this time!

The massive corn dog...loved it so much we had
it again the last day!

Tarzan's treehouse

Space Mountain

Another ride I did not enjoy... I thought we were gonna fly out!

Surprisingly my type of ride. I think, aside from the last hill
there is not much height to the ride.

Grandma bought everyone treats

Ralph on Buzz lightyear or another similar...lot of fun, shootem up ride

Our auntie stayed with we made her pose with this sign.

Auntie bought the girls the cute minnie mouse ears!

One of the most amazing fireworks displays we had ever seen.
A real live Tinkerbell flies out of the Matterhorn mountain
across the park! The fireworks are set to all different
themes...Pirates, Space Mountain, Small world...etc.
VERY cool!

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