Do you know what kind of animal Salmon is?  

Alright, the story goes like this. Audrey of course is the last
one at the dinner table every night. Last week was no exception.
Everyone had left the room and I was cleaning up. Ralph had grilled
Salmon on the BBQ. The conversation went as follows...

Krissy: Don't you just love Salmon, Audrey? It is my favorite fish.
Audrey: (Says nothing...just gives me a look like "you are crazy mom!")
Krissy: What? You know Salmon is fish right?
Audrey: NO!
Krissy: What did you think we were eating then?
Audrey: (really quiet and embarrassed) ?dog?
Krissy: What???
What else can you do... but laugh. She is my funny girl.

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