Auddie's school and the firetruck  

The local firemen came to Audrey's school this fall. Firemen Sean is rolling on the
floor trying to break the ice with all the 3 and 4 yr olds.
If you have never seen the firemen give a presentation to the kids,
let me tell you what they do....

First they try to get the kids interested and comfortable with the star firefighter and
make a huge deal about that firefighters name. They have the kids yelling out
his name as so forth.

Sean gets in his gear. After each piece of equipment the other firefighters call out to the kid...who's that? FIREMEN SEAN...
By the time he gets totally geared up, the kids are comfortable with Sean and
over their initial shyness and start crawling on the floor.
He has his respirator on and it sounds pretty creepy. But all the kids
are told NOT to be afraid of the firemen and to go with him if he is calling
out to them during a fire.

Auddie crawling through the firetruck

Audrey's class

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