Spring Break 2010  

Okay, here it comes....this is a pretty long post. A weeks worth of fun stuff that
we did on spring break. Lots of pictures and stories to go with the pictures.
AT the end there is a story that Sammie wrote for class when she returned to school.
Saturday and Monday:
We scraped the fence and prepped it for painting...yea! My favorite thing
in the whole wide world (do you feel the sarcasm???)
Monday we started the painting process. We finished the fence this day, had a picnic
on the front lawn. We did have a fun time.

The girls painted themselves more than the fence!

Monday night we met Ralph to go see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D. I think the
girls had a good time. This is what happened:
Alice was falling down the hole. She kept hitting the sides all the way down. She finally hits
the bottom and there are a few moments of silence. This is when Audrey strikes:
She says for the entire place to hear, "OUCH! I bet that hurt" The entire theater breaks
out in laughter. She sure gets a kick out of making people laugh. She was
so proud of herself! _

Since we didn't have to get up in the mornings...the girls are always begging
to sleep in grandma and papa's motor-home (they store in our backyard) so.....
i think we slept out there almost every night. We decided since we were "camping" that
we had to do a meal in the dutch oven. So we tried lasagna. It turned out so very good....


We went in to have lunch with Ralph and had to get
our favorite frozen yogurt since we
were in town.

The zoo...

The tiger eating a huge piece of meat.

They have these cool bikes you can rent and ride around the park.
This one in particular seats 4-6 on the black seats and 2 small children
can ride in the very front.

There is a lake and you can rent paddle boats.

There are tons of little trails off the main trail...
I think this is an awesome thing for the kids. When you go
to other parks, you always have to stay on the path.
The kids always want to explore and this allows them to do so.

We love fisher price little people at our house so I could
not resist the pic with the little people barn :)

At the petting zoo the kids have the opportunity to brush the animals.
Most of the animals absolutely LOVE it. And the girls had a blast doing it.

They had this interactive cow that was a lot of fun.

The end of our day...the parking lot was empty. Beautiful desert in
the background. The desert flowers were blooming.. Gorgeous day!

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