Random post  

Here are some random pictures...
Ralph and I with Thumb Butte in the background

Audrey with her best friend Audrey from school

Tall Auddie(with Elizabeth)

Ralph and Sammie riding the dinosaur

Halloween 2010(the year of the last minute costume!)

Sammie and Elizabeth insisted on eating outside this night.
They set everything up...this was in the fall before it started getting cold

Smoked trout. Ralph loves to share....

Anna licking her chops :)

Anna sits like this often. First cleans herself,
then takes herself a little nap.

Jason and Ralph racin'

It was really quiet one afternoon, except for the occasional
fit of laughter. I found the girls in the kitchen with the mops.
They were pouring buckets of water down and then cleaning
the water up. I don't think my floor has ever been cleaner.

random pic of me at work

this is my friend Tina, I haven't seen her in almost 20 years.
We found each other on facebook! When I found out she was flying to meet
her biological mother for the first time, by herself...and had a 2 hr layover in Phoenix
I drove down to spend her layover with her! I didn't even tell her I was coming.
I left her a message on her cell phone so when she landed in PHX she had a message waiting
that I was there waiting for her. It was lots of fun to surprise her!

Halloween :)

Our most recent snow. I just love how the trees look. Elizabeth took
this pic on her cell phone

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